Are online casinos allowed in India? Is it legal? People play slots online all over the world and in India it is no different. Basically, if you have internet access you can play online casino in India.

Online casino in India Rules

As with any country or municipality there are rules and regulations to abide by when playing online casino. The Indian government’s attitude is that online casinos are not technically on Indian soil. So it is virtually an open playing field. You can find any number of online casinos accepting players based in India. Online directories will list their top recommendations for you to choose from.

There are a few provinces in India that do have looser regulations. Just like in other countries some rules are in place that are designed to help the players to self regulate. The rules also ensure safe and secure transactions. People with a propensity for gambling addiction can seek help through these online casino sites. National helplines are also available. Minors who try to gamble are prohibited, however this is loosely enforced.

Options for playing online casino in India

Prohibited Casinos

Throughout the country casinos and gambling is prohibited. Casinos played online are not! As mentioned earlier the officials consider online gaming not to actually be on Indian soil. This could be how they get around their religious beliefs and laws. However, this is only in some states. In Sikkim and Goa there are legalised lotteries and casinos.

As a result of the legalisation, these states have prospered economically. Now other states of India have taken a look and are following suit. Sikkim has legalised online gambling. Horse betting is legal in Maharashtra. Check your local area rules before you play.

International Online Betting

International online betting is perfectly legal. In a nutshell, Indian lawmakers consider anything that has to do with money or luck is something that should be illegal. On the other hand, anything to do with skill is perfectly fine. For instance; betting on a sports team. It takes skill to score a goal. Therefore, sports betting is fine in the eyes of Indian lawmakers.

Luck based games such as poker or slots are not considered fair games. This may seem contradictory to you. We agree, skill is not involved in playing slots. However poker does require some skill when it comes to bluffing!

Finding your perfect online casino

It’s not difficult to find an online casino that will accept Indian players. Online casinos are usually international operators. Many offer international language support. You should take care when choosing an online casino in India. There are still many factors to consider that apply to all online players. Ensure that your payment transactions will be fast and secure. Check any welcome offer rules and that the casino has the types of games you enjoy playing. Good luck!

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